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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian translations

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Peter Mann escribió:


>> You can export po files from Rosetta too. AFAIK access using a bzr repo
>> is a long term goal of Rosetta.
> yes, i know about exporting po files, i used export sometime - but why
> is so hard to provide clean http access to po files (only for download) ???
> are po files secret??? 

No, it's just due a performance issue. We are not storing .po files in
raw format, but inside a database so to export a .po file we need to
process all rows in the database and reconstruct the .po file. That's
not possible to do in a single web transaction so we need to do it in an
async way.

We have a bug report open to add direct link downloads based on a cache
we have for exports. You can track its status at

>>> P.S. sorry for cross-posting, but we can (???) resolve many translations, 
>>> so only some fuzzy strings will remain in both distributions ... or is
>>> it the package maintainer problem? or upstream author?
>> Sorry, I did not understand this.
> i mean if maintainer can import all translations from Rosetta to Debian
> ... so untranslated Debian strings could be translated after import -
> and maybe some fuzzy strings remain ... but better solution is
> cooperation between upstream and maintainer and SOME translation backend
> system ...

As said in a previous email, we are trying to improve the cooperation
with upstream (either it being GNOME, KDE, Debian or any other project)
but it's impossible to have everything perfect from the beginning. It's
just a matter of time to finish the implementation of the missing parts
of the puzzle.



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