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Ubuntu vs. Debian translations


i was negativelly surprised about translation status of some packages,
e.g. update-notifier ..

i'm just testing Etch on desktop, so i plan to use Debian Etch - and
install it for users, but some applications doesn't have translated
messages for Slovak language

dapper: update-notifier  0.42.6
etch:   update-notifier  0.42.12

i discovered sk.po/mo file is missing in update-notifier (both dapper
and etch), but dapper contains language-pack-gnome-sk-6.06+20061205,
which contains /usr/share/locale-langpack/sk/LC_MESSAGES/update-notifier.mo

so now i can (and i want) update sk.po file and file wishlist bug report
against update-notifier and i know, maybe it's late because of frozen Etch

i don't like Rosetta all along - so why we must translate same strings
twice ??? why Rosetta translations doesn't propagate back to upstream 
package sources???

thanks for Subversion access to debian-installer translations ... 
so i can work offline without web downloading and uploading ...

another thing is: anyone (from team) can now translate debian-installer strings
in Rosetta, so we have two different version ... anybody cares about it?
(i encountered this problem only with Rosetta -> upstream direction)

people - can we co-operate all together to make translations only once?
we can then direct our power to other things ... so ordinary people can
use Linux in natural language ... and we can make one another step to
resolve Ubuntu Bug #1

P.S. sorry for cross-posting, but we can (???) resolve many translations, 
so only some fuzzy strings will remain in both distributions ... or is
it the package maintainer problem? or upstream author?

so again: i want translate same string in same application only once


5o   Peter.Mann at tuke.sk

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