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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian translations


* Sebastian Heinlein <glatzor@ubuntu.com> [2007-01-22 21:15]:
> Am Samstag, den 20.01.2007, 16:16 +0100 schrieb Peter Mann:
>> i don't like Rosetta all along - so why we must translate same strings
>> twice ??? why Rosetta translations doesn't propagate back to upstream 
>> package sources???
> Because there is currently no infrastructure and not all upstream
> authors love Rosetta (like you). 

 It's not only about not liking Rosetta (and their licencing claiming to
be able to relicence everything one uploads there under what they feel
like, and I doubt that they check that the uploader has the right to
grant them that right).  It's also about the quality that is produced

 I still wonder why the gnome weather applet writes me "Wien" for Vienna
in the German locale on Debian which is correct, but "Vienne" on ubuntu,
which seems to me like a misplaced french translation to me...

 So pulling things from Rosetta without having them checked by a local
team is a bad idea, IMNSHO.  The next thing is that ubuntu still likes
others to pull (and going to check if there is something relevant) the
changes they make instead of pushing them (when they make some changes
and know that they are relevant).  It's a simple wasting of ressources,

had somebody wanted to kill (or inflict maximum damage) to the project, he
couldn't have done any better than the current DPL
                -- Thibaut Varene

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