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Re: Ubuntu vs. Debian translations

Am Samstag, den 20.01.2007, 16:16 +0100 schrieb Peter Mann:
> Heyaaa!!!
> i was negativelly surprised about translation status of some packages,
> e.g. update-notifier ..
> i'm just testing Etch on desktop, so i plan to use Debian Etch - and
> install it for users, but some applications doesn't have translated
> messages for Slovak language
> dapper: update-notifier  0.42.6
> etch:   update-notifier  0.42.12
> i discovered sk.po/mo file is missing in update-notifier (both dapper
> and etch), but dapper contains language-pack-gnome-sk-6.06+20061205,
> which contains /usr/share/locale-langpack/sk/LC_MESSAGES/update-notifier.mo
> so now i can (and i want) update sk.po file and file wishlist bug report
> against update-notifier and i know, maybe it's late because of frozen Etch

It is perhaps too late for etch. But there are still the
proposed-updates. I don't say something wrong when I say update-notifier
is developed using the Launchpad/Ubuntu infrastructure.

Both the upstream author (mvo) and the Debian package maintainer missed
to import the latest translations into the source. I will send mvo a
message or import the latest translation from Rosetta or do it myself.
About Debian you should contact the maintainer.

> i don't like Rosetta all along - so why we must translate same strings
> twice ??? why Rosetta translations doesn't propagate back to upstream 
> package sources???

Because there is currently no infrastructure and not all upstream
authors love Rosetta (like you). 

> thanks for Subversion access to debian-installer translations ... 
> so i can work offline without web downloading and uploading ...

You can export po files from Rosetta too. AFAIK access using a bzr repo
is a long term goal of Rosetta.

> another thing is: anyone (from team) can now translate debian-installer strings
> in Rosetta, so we have two different version ... anybody cares about it?
> (i encountered this problem only with Rosetta -> upstream direction)

It is the job of the corresponding translation team to push their
changes upstream or the job of upstream to review and import them. I
think that every Debian translation team knows of Rosetta. But I am not
sure if all of them use Rosetta as a resource. I am aware of the quality

But it would be the best if there would be some communication between
both teams. E.g. the German KDE and GNOME translators have got a
representative in our German Ubuntu translators team and vice versa.

Perhaps you should contact the Slovak team and ask them about

> P.S. sorry for cross-posting, but we can (???) resolve many translations, 
> so only some fuzzy strings will remain in both distributions ... or is
> it the package maintainer problem? or upstream author?

Sorry, I did not understand this.

> so again: i want translate same string in same application only once

Me too. :)



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