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Re: Status of work on the Debian Pootle server i18n.debian.net:8080

Thanks for the update Nicolas.

On Sunday 14 January 2007 14:55, Nicolas François wrote:
> I will try to make a patch to change 'goals' to 'reservations', i.e.
> only allow making suggestions when a string is assigned to somebody
> else.

Yes, this sounds sane. If I would be able to permanently "reserve" the po 
and po-debconf translations that I am maintaining, that would work 
perfectly until a more fine-grained mechanism can be implemented.

That does mean s/string/file/ in your sentence though.

> For the "support for team review policy", I'm also looking for ideas.

I'll try to help with this (the thinking part), but it'll have to wait 
until after the release of Etch.


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