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Status of work on the Debian Pootle server i18n.debian.net:8080

Last weeks have seen a lot of progress on the Pootle installation on
i18n.debian.net. This mail will try to summarize them.

Improving Pootle

Given the high volume of data that we plan to handle on this server,
we quickly faced performance issues, especially after the data has
been refreshed from outside Pootle (Debian Installer and/or
po-debconf, namely).

With the invaluable help of Nicolas François (maintainer of the pootle
package in Debian) and Friedel Wolff (main developer of Pootle),
several patches to Pootle have been integrated and compiled in the
Debian package.

These patches will be submitted upstream soon.

Improving the pootle Debian package

As patching the upstream code became needed, Nicolas switched the
package to use quilt which makes tracking down patches.

The new pootle 0.10.1-2 package has bene uploaded to experimental
today (given the freeze, it's not possible to change the package in
unstable anymore).

Server personnalisation

We changed the look and feel of the server a little bit. Pootle is not
very customisable yet for these matters. Nicolas already proposed a
patch to make logos configurable.

Some more work is needed to debianise it a lot more.

Pootle Projects


The po-debconf project is now synchronized with the data extracted
from packages in unstable, ie the same data that is used to generate
pages under http://www.debian.org/intl/l10n/po-debconf/

If Pootle users make changes through Pootle, these changes are *kept*
and not overwritten when the synchronisation script updates the data.



All components of D-I levels are available through this project and
organised in levels.

Similarly to the po-debconf project, changes made in Pootle are kept
during the daily synchronisation.



No progress made here. I have to talf with Felipe and Friedel to
restart the work they began in Extremadura.

SVN integration

Pootle includes functions that allow the synchronisation of the server
and an external repository (CVS or SVN).

To test this, I have setup the following:
 - create a user on alioth.debian.org (pootle-guest)
 - authorise this user for commit in the Debian Installer project
 - create a copy of master D-I files in people/bubulle/pootle in the
   D-I SVN (so that I can can with real-life examplex without risking
   to break D-I production work)
 - check this out directly in the "test" project (now named "Debian
   Installer SVN")
 - play with commit/update functions

This is fairly recent but I've been able to confirm the following:
- updates from SVN work
- commits from Pootle work
- conflicts (changes on both side) are handled on a per-string basis
  when Pootle is updated from the SVN  
  - if the same string is changed on both sides, the SVN "wins"
  - if different strings are changed on both sides, the changes are
    merged in Pootle

There are performance issues because of all these checks but the
approach is really interesting for us.

What I don't know yet:
- how to do SVN updates or commits for all files in the project
- how to do these outside the web interface

User handling

User registration and validation now works. Many people have created
accounts but I haven't got much comments from them up to now (given
that data is changing rapidly and can be completely sweeped from time
to time, that's not a surprise).


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