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Re: debian-l10n-galician

On Sat, Dec 23, 2006 at 12:39:39PM +0100, suso@riseup.net wrote:
> So, I'm proposing to create the debian-l10n-galician mailing list for
> galician language. In case it is posible, I'm motivated enough to join the
> project in that way; in case gpg, identification or whatever is needed in this
> stage, please just apoint it.

If you want that l10n list you just have to open a bug in lists.debian.org
(and have some seconders send their "I second this" mail to the bug) so that
the listmasters enable the list.  There's no need to ask in debian-i18n, we,
will, of course, help you in everything that's needed.

Having a l10n list making translations and submitting them to the Debian
maintainers through the BTS  is, however, quite a different beast than
including translation packages into the Debian distribution. This has to go,
necessarily, through a Debian maintainer (a sponsor).

If you take a look at

You will see that, even though there are a few translators out there working
in the Galician language, there's only one working on po-debconf translations
(which is Debian specific). Jacobo Tarrío is also a Debian developer, and a
very nice guy. He might be interested in helping you setup a Debian
translation team targeting Galician.



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