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Re: debian-l10n-galician

> My purpose is to help joining those efforts allowing localization, translation
> and support to galician language in the Debian distribution. Just an
> example: there is an entire OpenOffice translation, with orthographic
> speller and doc/ help included, but it is not apt-getable from own Debian
> repositories. Indeed, the distributed .debs breaks a standard debian system... 
> http://www.mancomun.org/index.php/component/option,com_content/task,view/id,368/Itemid,113/
> The same thing happens with other packages where updated translations
> exists but there are not integrated in the official repositories or they
> break the system when installed.
> So, I'm proposing to create the debian-l10n-galician mailing list for
> galician language. In case it is posible, I'm motivated enough to join the
> project in that way; in case gpg, identification or whatever is needed in this
> stage, please just apoint it.

Nothing such needed. Creating mailing lists needs to be done as
explained on http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/HOWTO_start_list

You first need to have a "sufficient enough" interest, shared among
enough people.

Up to now, from my point of view, Galician translation has been a
nearly one man" project by Jacobo Tarrio, who made a tremendous effort
to bring Galician to full 100% when it comes at Debian Installer. 

Of course, much more still needs to be done (website translation,
documentation translation, debconf translations, etc.), so Jacobo will
probably welcome more (wo)manpower.....just talk with him
(jtarrio@debian.org...but he's probably reading this mailing list as

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