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Hi all. After some years using Debian and wondering join the project, I think 
it's time to make a first try :)

I'm involved in my community helping in coordinating translation to
galician language efforts. It is a decentralized work wich begun some
years ago where volunteers, enterprises, universities and (now) government are
involved providing linguistical tools, and also translation of the most used
apps. You can find some of them here:


My purpose is to help joining those efforts allowing localization, translation
and support to galician language in the Debian distribution. Just an
example: there is an entire OpenOffice translation, with orthographic
speller and doc/ help included, but it is not apt-getable from own Debian
repositories. Indeed, the distributed .debs breaks a standard debian system... 


The same thing happens with other packages where updated translations
exists but there are not integrated in the official repositories or they
break the system when installed.

So, I'm proposing to create the debian-l10n-galician mailing list for
galician language. In case it is posible, I'm motivated enough to join the
project in that way; in case gpg, identification or whatever is needed in this
stage, please just apoint it.

Thanks for your efforts.

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