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Re: Announce of an upcoming l10n upload for the mhc package

On 05/12/2006, at 12:20 AM, Tatsuya Kinoshita wrote:

On December 4, 2006 at 10:37PM +1030,
clytie (at riverland.net.au) wrote:

I've noticed that mhc-0.25.1+20050120/debian/po/vi.po has a
copyright notice by Free Software Foundation, Inc.  Is it really
copyrighted by FSF?  Can it be distributed under the same
conditions as the upstream?

Kinoshita, I have assigned copyright in all my translations to the
Free Software Foundation. That's why I use that copyright header.

The POT file doesn't specify any particular copyright, or the line
saying the translation is under the same copyright as the original.
Do you want us to use something else?

If the work isn't by FSF, please remove the name of FSF.

Also, to clarify distributing conditions, I hope the following
lines will be added.

# The author gives unlimited permission to copy, distribute and modify
# this flie.

Could you agree to this?

That's OK with me. You can make the modifications, since I've sent you the file. ;)

(Though license conditions of contributed translation works are
often handled casually...)

That's why translators contributing to the Translation Project assign their copyright to the FSF.

Within the OpenOffice project, it has to be their JCA (Joint Copyright Assignment).

It makes sense to have some established copyright for translations: either one stated on the POT file, or one for the whole project. The GPL and GFDL are also likely candidates.

Otherwise, we translators are left without information. Whatever we decide to do will probably get us into trouble with someone. :S

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

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