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Re: Announce of an upcoming l10n upload for the mhc package

On December 5, 2006 at 2:10PM +1030,
clytie (at riverland.net.au) wrote:

> > If the work isn't by FSF, please remove the name of FSF.
> >
> > Also, to clarify distributing conditions, I hope the following
> > lines will be added.
> >
> > # The author gives unlimited permission to copy, distribute and modify
> > # this file.
> >
> > Could you agree to this?
> That's OK with me. You can make the modifications, since I've sent
> you the file. ;)

Thank you.

> > (Though license conditions of contributed translation works are
> > often handled casually...)
> That's why translators contributing to the Translation Project assign
> their copyright to the FSF.
> Within the OpenOffice project, it has to be their JCA (Joint
> Copyright Assignment).
> It makes sense to have some established copyright for translations:
> either one stated on the POT file, or one for the whole project. The
> GPL and GFDL are also likely candidates.
> Otherwise, we translators are left without information. Whatever we
> decide to do will probably get us into trouble with someone. :S

If a work is copyrighted by FSF, assigning a contribution's
copyright to FSF is good.  If a work is copyrighted by Sun
Microsystems, assigning to Sun Microsystems is good.

However, Debian packages are covered by their several copyrights
and licenses including GPL/GFDL incompatible licenses.  So,
assigning to FSF is not a good solution.

I recommend that contribution be copyrighted under an unlimited
license (or put in public domain) as I mentioned above if the
contribution is not tiny.

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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