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Announce of an upcoming l10n upload for the mhc package

Dear maintainer of mhc and Debian translators,

On 02 déc 2006 I sent a notice to the maintainer of the mhc Debian
package, mentioning the status of at least one old po-debconf translation update in the BTS (bug #333761).

Tatsuya Kinoshita, who is not the current maintainer of the package
(Fumitoshi UKAI is the maintainer) proposed to take the package over
and Fumitoshi UKAI agreed with that plan.

In agreement with Kinoshita-san, I will proceed as usual but, at the
end of the announcement phase, I'll send him a full patch and he will
upload a fixed mhc package, taking it over.

The full planned schedule is available at the end of this mail.

The package is currently translated to: cs da fr ja nl sv vi

Among these, the following translations are incomplete: cs da ja nl sv vi

If you did any of the, currently incomplete, translations you will get a
copy of this announcement BCCd to you. Please review the translation.

Other translators also have the opportunity to create new translations for
this package. Once completed, please send them directly to me so I can
incorporate them into the package being built.

The deadline for receiving updates and new translations is 10 déc 2006. If you
are not in time you can always send your translation to the BTS.

You can download the pot, and any po, files from:


If the maintainer objects to this process I will immediately abort my NMU
and send him/her all updates I receive.

Otherwise the following will happen (or already has):

 02 déc 2006   : send the first intent to NMU notice to
                 the package maintainer.
 03 déc 2006   : post a NMU announcement to debian-i18n with you
                 (maintainer) CC'ed
 10 déc 2006   : deadline for receiving translation updates
 11 déc 2006   : Tatsuya Kinoshita builds the package and uploads it

Thanks for your efforts and time.


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