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Re: [Translation-i18n] Different translations for a single string in debian installer

Hi Clytie,

Today at 9:14, Clytie Siddall wrote:

> msgctxt is a formal context field, e.g.
> msgctxt "This is a button: keep it short"
> msgid "Convert"
> msgstr "Đổi"

This is actually more suitable as a regular comment aimed at

#. This is a button: keep it short
msgid "Convert"
msgstr "Đổi"

"Context" is about differentiating otherwise two identical strings in
the same PO file, eg.

msgctxt "An action of converting, imperative"
msgid "Convert"
msgstr ""

msgctxt "A person which stopped using proprietary software"
msgid "Convert"
msgstr ""


Indeed, context can be used as a comment as well, but sometimes we
might need the same translation for exactly the same string, so we'd
end up forcing translators to do more work.

> Bruno, where does one find info on msgctxt in gettext-0.15? "msgctxt
> --help" doesn't respond.

Have you tried "info gettext" and searching for "context" and/or
"msgctxt" (use "s" to search full-text, "i" to look up in index, "m"
to go to topic)?


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