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Re: Different translations for a single string in debian installer

Quoting Jens Seidel (jensseidel@users.sf.net):
> Hi,
> the Debian Installer uses the string "none" in various packages but only
> one translation can be provided for all these:
> #: ../partman-basicfilesystems.templates:172 ../base-installer.templates:101
> #: ../partman-lvm.templates:19
> msgid "none"
> Now I noticed that the grammar requires slightly different translations
> dependant on the usage. Any way to reach this?

Yes, but breaking the string freeze. Even if it is officially over,
I'd prefer not changing any string unless some *other* thing in D-I
explicitely requires it. I would call that a "soft" string freeze.

To have all these "none" being different msgid's woul dneed to use
brackets to make the difference:

For example

msgid "none[ case 1, none refers to partition ]"

msgid "none[ case 2, non refers to disk ]"

In po-debconf, texts inside brackets are indeed ignored, so both these
strings will end up with "none" alone.

Translators will then be able to use different forms of "none" in
their language, in the translation.

I prefer avoiding to use this too much because these bracketed
translations induce much confusion. The brackets are ignored if and
only if the opening one is followed by a space. If translators do not
put a space after the bracket when they (incorrectly) translate the
bracket part, the bracket part will then go in the translation:

GOOD:               msgstr "Aucun"
GOOD (but useless): msgsrt "Aucun[ cas 1 se rapporte à partition ]"
WRONG:              msgstr "Aucun[cas 1 se rapporte à partition ]"

The spellchecker takes care of this but experience shows that
translators DO NOT use the spellchecker results very well, except a
few of us.

I'll keep this issue in my TODO list but, again, I'll make the change
only if another changer pops up for RC2.....or, of course, after the
release of Etch.

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