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Re: Showing the previous string when fuzzying

> For large translation projects such as debian-installer, I assume it's
> always possible for the maintainer or tranlation coordinator to use a
> local new version of gettext, generate the history-aware PO files, and
> after the translation is finished, revert the PO files back to a format
> compatible with old gettext (say, strip all the "#|" comments) so that
> it builds fine.  Is that the case?

Well, theoretically, maybe.

Howeer, so close to etch release, I won't do such changes to the
infrastructure. I recently had a lot of work to make the scripts and
sync stuff easily portable from one machine to another.

The key is that they must run on a Debian stable environment, such the
the Debian official servers: gluck (people.d.o), alioth or the future
i18n server.

So, I'll do everything possible to keep them independent on the server
and stuck to stable.

We'll see *after* the release but I don't make any promise as it would
mean getting the new gettext in unstable first, then choose on the
relevant server to use its utilities instead of the standard package
from etch.

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