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Status of D-I translations 2006/10/09: 17/33/01/26/09

News from today:

- Exim4 still under work. Should be frozen today or tomorrow and
  call for updates posted. Received translations have been committed
  even though they become incomplete.

- Growth for level 1 continues

- 1 language is 100% everywhere...because it's controlled by the
  i18n coordinator..who admits this is unfair...:-)

- apt and aptitude maintainers have given their OK for a string freeze
  I'll soon post a call for updates.

The subject of these messages gives the number of 100% languages
for the relevant day, as of 04:00UTC (the run of the D-I stats script)
for each level, from 1 to 5.

For details about levels, please see

For details about the statistics, please see

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