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Re: Final report from the internationalisation team meeting in Extremadura

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 06:45:13AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Agustin Martin (agmartin@debian.org):
> > Regarding dictionaries settings (ispell dicts and wordlists), there is also
> > code in dictionaries-common to handle that, unless the relevant debconf
> > value is already set. 
> > 
> > Current status was that localization-config sets ispell dictionary-default
> > after initial country/lang settings, so dictionaries-common skip this, but
> > does the job for wordlists, where localization-config does nothing. I do not
> > know if this has changed recently.
> > 
> > In a bug report [#277410 localization-config: Provide wordlist preseeding
> > also for dictionaries-common] I explained how the dictionaries-common system
> > works for default selection and why I think there is no need to add anything
> > for wordlists, because current code already handles that.
> Well, it is very likely that you are right. Indeed, l-c is mostly
> meant to circumvent defects on default installs. In a perfect worls
> where all packages properly use the locale settings to set their
> defaults, there should be no need for l-c...:-)
> So, actually, what you suggest is that l-c does nothing with regards
> to dictionaries and wordlists, when the local system is an etch
> system, right?


While this can now be done only for etch, note that dictionaries-common code
was already in sarge for ispell dicts and wordlists (It is mostly the same
code). The only difference is that code was not actually run for ispell
dictionaries because there was already a debconf setting for ispell default
dict (due to localization config), but was run for wordlists where
localization-config set no values. 

So all real life testing was done about wordlists, but during a long
time (since sarge released). Since is mostly the same code I expect no
problems when using it in real life for ispell dicts. 

> I agreee with that approach and, if the activity on l-c revives, I
> would recommend removing the code dealing with dictionaries and
> wordlists.

Instead of directly removing it, I would start disabling the ispell dict
part. Last time I checked (this was long ago) nothing was done for
wordlists, so no need to worry about. If everything works well we can
later remove that code.

> This will need either Konstantinos to come back to hacking
> life....or someone else to help on l-c maintenance. I have just been
> able to revive it a little. Just enough for running it during d-i
> installs, but there's a lot of testing to do....and probably some code
> to change....and, for this, we need a good Perl programmer.

I am rather busy right now, but if I find some time will try looking at
l-c for this particular issue.

Agustin      [not subscribed to debian-i18n]

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