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Re: Final report from the internationalisation team meeting in Extremadura

Quoting Agustin Martin (agmartin@debian.org):

> Regarding dictionaries settings (ispell dicts and wordlists), there is also
> code in dictionaries-common to handle that, unless the relevant debconf
> value is already set. 
> Current status was that localization-config sets ispell dictionary-default
> after initial country/lang settings, so dictionaries-common skip this, but
> does the job for wordlists, where localization-config does nothing. I do not
> know if this has changed recently.
> In a bug report [#277410 localization-config: Provide wordlist preseeding
> also for dictionaries-common] I explained how the dictionaries-common system
> works for default selection and why I think there is no need to add anything
> for wordlists, because current code already handles that.

Well, it is very likely that you are right. Indeed, l-c is mostly
meant to circumvent defects on default installs. In a perfect worls
where all packages properly use the locale settings to set their
defaults, there should be no need for l-c...:-)

So, actually, what you suggest is that l-c does nothing with regards
to dictionaries and wordlists, when the local system is an etch
system, right?

I agreee with that approach and, if the activity on l-c revives, I
would recommend removing the code dealing with dictionaries and
wordlists. This will need either Konstantinos to come back to hacking
life....or someone else to help on l-c maintenance. I have just been
able to revive it a little. Just enough for running it during d-i
installs, but there's a lot of testing to do....and probably some code
to change....and, for this, we need a good Perl programmer.

Gerfried Fuchs mentioned in Extremadura that he will look at
l-c.....I'm just afraid that he maybe has been too ambitious with his

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