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Re: Final report from the internationalisation team meeting in Extremadura

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 00:43, Agustin Martin wrote:
> I also suggested that might be better to disable default ispell dict
> selection from localization-config, and test better the
> dictionaries-common way, because it relies on really to be installed
> dicts, tries to set reasonable fallbacks if there is no good
> (country,lang)->dict match, and seems easier to maintain to me ;-).

This way has effectively been used during the last 6 or so months and I 
have one major issue with it.

If I do a normal installation (with or without desktop) with en_US as 
locale, both an American and British Ispell dictionary are installed. And 
the default is: _British_.

For wordlist, only an American dictionary is installed, so there the 
default is correct.

During past installations I have seen the actual questions being asked, 
but for some reason I currently cannot reproduce that. However, this did 
show the cause, because for Ispell the "default dictionary" question 
would be asked _two_  times:
- the first: British, manual (default: British)
- the second: American, British, manual symlinks (default: again British,
  probably because that was selected the first time)

The reason probably is that the installation of each individual dictionary 
package prompts the "asking" of the "default dictionary" question and the 
default is only determined the first time (when only British appears to 
be available). And thus the order in which packages are installed 
influences the final outcome.

IMO dictionaries-common should ensure that the default actually matches 
the locale selected during installation before abandoning the use of 
localization-config for it can be seriously considered.


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