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Re: Localisation process and workflow

> Actually, I just thought of something else which is a process problem
> that needs to be thought about. Basically, missing people.
> Situation 1.
> Person A requests a translation, and given assigned to translate
> package X. You never hear from them again, how long do you wait before
> giving it to someone else?

Team policy. That's one of the tasks of team coordinators. We need
them to be able to "unassign" translations

> Situation 2.
> Person A translates package X. It's now available for review. Two
> weeks later it is still not reviewed. What to do? Throw away the
> translation, or accept it anyway? Another possibility?

Team policy. Either the team wants a review to happen and the
translation waits indefinitely....or it is considered as reviewed as
long as a given delay (which is set per team per project) occurs. And,
in any case, this can be overriden by the team coordinator

> Especially for languages with few translators, this is a significant
> problem. How can we deal with this?

Team policies....:-)

As we already wrote in the i18n infrastructure specs, the processes
should not be hardcoded in the software but they have to be completely
flexible. This need is taken into account in pootle specs.

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