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Re: Localisation process and workflow

On 9/15/06, Javier SOLA <lists@khmeros.info> wrote:
I have written something on localisation workflow and its components
(for the localisation infrastructure). It is in:


Actually, I just thought of something else which is a process problem
that needs to be thought about. Basically, missing people.

Situation 1.
Person A requests a translation, and given assigned to translate
package X. You never hear from them again, how long do you wait before
giving it to someone else?

Situation 2.
Person A translates package X. It's now available for review. Two
weeks later it is still not reviewed. What to do? Throw away the
translation, or accept it anyway? Another possibility?

Especially for languages with few translators, this is a significant
problem. How can we deal with this?

Have a nice day,
Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@gmail.com> http://svana.org/kleptog/

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