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Catching packages with long-standing l10n bugs


During the Extremadura meeting, we decided to launch an NMU campaign for
l10n bugs. The first step of such a campaign is to detect which packages
have long-standing l10n bugs. I've written a "dl10n-nmu" script, available
in the debian-l10n project CVS on alioth [1], which scores packages
according to the number and the age of l10n bugs.

The results (daily updated) are available at

This script detects all l10n bugs filled against a package, tries to detect
those concerning po-debconf (which is our main target for NMU), and
scores them according to the following rule:
  score = sum ( age_of_the_bug )

For example, if the package foo has the following bugs:
1 [INTL:nl] Dutch debconf templates translation
     filled 8 weeks ago
2 [INTL:pt_BR] debconf translation update
     filled 15 weeks ago
3 Problem with the display in an UTF-8 environment
     filled 32 weeks ago

1 will score 8, 2 will score 15 and 3 will score 0 as it is not a
po-debconf related bug. The total score will therefore be 23.

There are many false-positives and false-negatives, as this ranking is
based on the subject field, which is actually not very standardized. It
could be good if every translation team coordinator retitles the bugs
according to a common template. We use for French:
  <package>: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation
    if there is no debian/po/fr.po file in the package, and
  <package>: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update

For program translation, replace "debconf templates" by "program", and for
manpages, by "manpages".

As you can see on the pages, there are packages "not using debconf" and
packages "not in unstable". Unless someone volunteers to clear these
bugs, I will take care of them.

Note also that it is only a ranking, packages with a low score shouldn't
be dealt with.

Suggestions, comments and patches are obviously welcomed.

[1] http://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-l10n

Thomas Huriaux

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