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Re: DDTP, PO format and the future Debian i18n infrastructure


Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> (04/08/2006):
> So, now, the DDTP is something that gives results...good.
> However, the current translation process (the mail interface) is a bit
> different than the usual way translation teams are working. For
> instance, this explains why the French effort is currently mostly
> stopped for the DDTP.
> What would be good now is getting an interface with the PO format so
> that translators can work on PO files for DDTP translations.
> Grisu, before we get the nice infrastructure (probably based on
> Pootle) which we will discuss in Extremadura, do you think that some
> crude way to get PO files for the DDTP would be possible ?
> That requires writing something that will convert the Debian
> descriptions and their translations to PO format. IIRC, Otavio did
> write some stuff already, 1 or 3 years ago.
> Maybe a po4a module would be possible.....this should be checked with
> "Mr. po4a", namely Nicolas François (and his fellow co-maintainers:
> Thomas Huriaux, Martin Quinson, etc).

I had a look on this issue a few weeks ago, and intltool-debian seems
to do already exactly what seems to be needed.
To summarize: just mark the "Description:" field as translatable (i.e.
prepended with an underscore), and you can use tools such as po2debconf
and debconf-updatepo.
The resulting PO files look like this one:


Thomas Huriaux

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