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Re: New levels of D-I

On 31/07/06, Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> wrote:
Thanks for your reply, Eddy. :)

Sorry if I didn't explain it properly.

I meant: on the new D-I stats page [1], there is a link to "Collected
commandline checkouts of d-i related SVN/CVS repros." [2], like on
the old page, but the new link doesn't lead to anything yet.
I see, probably Christian forgot to add that page, too. I guess
somebody from the D-I team could add it, too.

So, do we go on using the old page [3]?
That info did not changed its validity, the repositories are in the
same places. :-)

Will the new page (when active) list any checkout info for packages
not yet covered by the old page (e.g. samba and apt)?
Probably not for apt, but maybe for samba. For now I have used the
files linked from that page[*] and sent the translations via BTS. (Apt
translations merges have been managed by Christian himself, iirc; I
don't know the status for samba).

[*] all the table headings link to them

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