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Re: New levels of D-I

On 30/07/06, Clytie Siddall <clytie@riverland.net.au> wrote:
Hi everybody :)
Hello Clytie,

1. What happens to the packages which no longer appear in the list of
levels? I understand that they no longer belong to D-I, but how do we

Technically, they never "belonged" to D-I, excet for base-config,
which is burried now as everything is done now before the reboot.

maintain their translations (can we register for them like for
debconf? Is there a list of their SVN addresses?)? Do they need to be
maintained? I'm referring to:


These are debconf translations, applications themselves are here:

Note that these statistics might be a little behind.

Shadow is OK, because Tomasz keeps us up to date with its needs. But
I'm a bit concerned about the translations of the other packages.

2. Do we keep on using the old SVN/CVS checkouts page? That link
isn't working yet for the new stats page. Will the source control
links list be updated to show cover any of the packages not shown
(e.g. samba, apt)?
If you had CVS/SVN access on one translation that should be still
present. But i think You are making a confusion... The D-I statistics
are one and CVS/SVN access is another ;-)

The new D-I statistics are maybe missing some info, related to what
they did contain in the past, but your translations are still in
debian. If you don't have access to CVS/SVN, then use the regular
path, via bugs.debian.org.

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