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Re: Slides from the Debconf6 2nd BOF about i18n infrastructure

Gintautas Miliauskas wrote:

OK, I will try to do that, but I think that we should start from "what
Debian needs from WordForge" rather than "what WordForge wants".  Given
enough time, anyone can do pretty much anything, so work should be
requirements-driven.  A good starting point seems to be making the
process compatible with what have we discussed, because this is the
crux of the project. On the other hand, what you suggest is a good
strategy to get acquainted with WordForge.
Hi Gintautas,

This is exactly what we want to do. We have already done some work on specs, but we want ot make sure that our specs fit what Debian needs, and the best way to do it to have Debian people look at our specs and modify them to fit Debian's needs, because we are sure that whatever Debian needs is what everybody else needs, and it would be most welcome input on the specs.

I am extremelly excited about the WordForge and Debian i18n getting together to work on specs, and also about your project and the work that we can do together. For WordForge this is a great oportunity to have very experienced people review and improve the specs, as well as help us with the coding. I went to Mexico for only two days, from the oposite corner of the world, but I think that this has been the really worthit, the best and most fruitful meeting I have been to in a very long time.

I really look forward to work together with you. You will have the support of everybody in WordForge for your project, besides all the people in Debian that are looking into it.

We can do specific discussion on coding in the Pootle-dev list, but I would like to keep the discussion on specs and on what to do in this list. It is us -WordForge- coming to Debian to work with you, even if at the end the specs will be implemented in WordForge.


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