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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure

Il giorno sab, 20/05/2006 alle 15.52 +0300, Gintautas Miliauskas ha
> > TransDict (the croatian software whose name Christian always forgets)
> > could be a better candidate, but unfortunately it's written in perl,
> > which is greek to me, so I can't judge.
> Same here.  I am a bit wary of using transdict not only because of perl,
> but also because it is not object oriented (and hence difficult to
> extend and unit-test).  In addition I think that it would not take
> much time (a week or two) to reimplement the functionality it provides
> in Zope 3 with significantly less (and cleaner) code.  I might be
> overconfident though ;)  Anyway, I'm sure we can use at least its ideas
> for the interface.  Building stuff is easy, making it usable is the
> hard part.

If I can I would suggest to take a look to twisted as it provides all
protocols to implement message gateway, web interfaces, storage. It's
easy to add different interfaces to the system.

But before I think we need to go on in discussing, design and writing


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