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Re: Splitting out "Choices" strings in D-I level1

> > I will probably circumvent this on a case by case basis.
> Well, why not keep it with the context, i.e with the whole list of
> choices?

The rationale was avoiding translator errors, mostly missing commas,
or wrong variables. In the case of "none" for base-installer, the
string was "${KERNELS}, none". The way we are right now allow to
isolate "none" and get rid of the variable "translation".

One could of course say that this is translator's job to track down
errors and that Davide scripts helps finding them.

However, experience shows that we *still* need to monitor this and,
with the increasing number of languages, this is becoming more and
more dificult.

I'm thinking about either use bracketed comments to have two "none"
occurrences....or, in this case, change "none" to "No Kernel
installed" or something more explicit.

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