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Re: Splitting out "Choices" strings in D-I level1

On Sat, May 06, 2006 at 11:27:28AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> I found a few drawbacks which I'll have to solve out, possibly by
> slightly changing some wording.
> For instance, "none" is now common to two places in D-I:
> -the "mount point label" in partman-basicfilesystems
> -the kernel choice when the user is prompted with a kernel list
> I'm sure this will cause problems to some translators. For instance,
> the word "label" could be feminine on one language....and "kernel" be
> masculine....and thus, if the pronoun "none" is different for
> masculine and feminine (like we have in French for "aucun" vs
> "aucune"), then the translator has a problem..:-)

Exactly, except the kernel is neutral and the mount point is masculine
in my language :-)

> I will probably circumvent this on a case by case basis.

Well, why not keep it with the context, i.e with the whole list of

Miroslav Kure

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