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Splitting out "Choices" strings in D-I level1

I began a work meant to plait out "Choices" strings which still
contain more than one choice, in D-I level1 PO file.

Formerly, we had strings like this:

msgid "Choice 1, Choice 2"
msgstr "Choix 1, Choix 2"

In those strings, it is very important to have choices separated by
commas, and no other commas. Davide Viti has implemented a check in
the "specifics checks" list of the spellchecker

Now, we will have:

msgid "Choice 1"
msgstr "Choix 1"

msgid "Choice 2"
msgstr "Choix 2"

There shouldn't be any incidence on existing translations, except for
those who have an incorrect number of commas in former choices list
(in such case, the change will make the error more obvious and less
likely to break D-I.

As a consequence, translators who are notified by mail will receive
mails like that one:

Changes for fr level 1
   between 2006-05-05 10:00:04 -0600 and 2006-05-05 22:00:04 -0600

Changed files:
  * debian-installer/packages/netcfg/debian/po/fr.po : 93t -> 94t

Old totals: 1598t0f0u
New totals: 1599t0f0u

This means that no work is to be done, of course. Indeed, this will be
a convenient way for you to see this work's progress..:)


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