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Re: D-I auto-update mails, spellchecking and info

Il Wed, 19 Apr 2006 11:00:27 +0200, Clytie Siddall ha scritto:
> There is an existing aspell dictionary for Vietnamese: how do I check  
> if it's being used or not? (Although spellchecking has limited use  
> for us, since with monosyllabic words, there are very few  
> combinations that aren't valid words, it can pick up some obvious  
> typos.)

the spellchecker runs daily on Alioth, which is a Sarge machine; this
means that there's no aspell-vi installed.
I would suggest running your favourite spellchecker on your local machine


It contains all the translated strings obtained from the original po file
(so the spellchecker will not go complain about comments and original


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