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Re: D-I auto-update mails, spellchecking and info

> > Spellcheck:  unknown words in master file..
> Are we running spellchecks for the different languages, or is this an  
> English spellcheck?

The spellchecker, which is Davide Viti's responsibility is run for all
languages. However, real spellchecking is only done for languages
which have an aspell wordlist.

Other spellchecker tasks are a few tests about translation consistency
(correct use of variables, legth of limited strings, etc).

See http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/spellcheck/

> Also, it occurs to me that I had no idea what a diff was, when I  
> started translating, so I'm sure there will be other translators who  
> also don't know what a diff is.
> This means they won't understand the D-I update mails. Do we have a  
> little howto online yet on these update mails?
> If not, I'll write one, providing I have the basic info on how they  
> work. :)

More generally, we should work on making these notification mails
easier to interprete for all translators. The current output is a bit
"geeky" (though still very useful of course).

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