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Re: [D-I] Experimental D-I "levels" survey robot: seeking testers

Quoting Giuseppe Sacco (giuseppe@eppesuigoccas.homedns.org):

> I don't know if it is currently working in the same way, but I think
> that if this could be fixed (changing the last translator only for these
> packages that are really updated) then your new robot could be used to
> send an email to the last-translator of the package that require
> attention, instead of contacting the translation coordinator.

The l10n-sync script has recently bene improved with regard of
this....but I cannot guarantee that what you suggest may be easily
achievable right now.

> It might be that you already planned it or that this is something that
> only me feel interesting. What's your opinion about it?

In the case you want to keep the work splitted, I therefore suggest
that the adress recorded for the "warning robot" is the adress of the
l10n mailing list.

The content of the mails sent by the robot contain the indication of
which individual package(s) is/are incomplete, which should help the
team to decide what string actually needs an update.

However, given the strong interaction of all D-I packages, I prefer
recommending that the whole translation is maintained by one
individual only....with of course this individual taking care of
interacting with the team for proofreading (which is what I'm doing
for French).

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