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Re: [D-I] Experimental D-I "levels" survey robot: seeking testers

Il giorno ven, 14/04/2006 alle 10.09 +0200, Christian Perrier ha
> Thanks to Peter Mann who already provided us with the websec-txt
> scripts announced in February and already used by some of us, I have
> setup a mini robot who will be able to survey the various D-I levels
> translation files and mail D-I language coordinators when some have
> changed and need updates.

Hi Christian,
some times ago italian switched to the a unique po file for all d-i
packages. I often check it and noticed that once I change the name of
last translator in this large po file, I become the last translator for
all d-i packages, even the ones that weren't updated by my change.

I don't know if it is currently working in the same way, but I think
that if this could be fixed (changing the last translator only for these
packages that are really updated) then your new robot could be used to
send an email to the last-translator of the package that require
attention, instead of contacting the translation coordinator.

It might be that you already planned it or that this is something that
only me feel interesting. What's your opinion about it?


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