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[D-I] Experimental D-I "levels" survey robot: seeking testers

Thanks to Peter Mann who already provided us with the websec-txt
scripts announced in February and already used by some of us, I have
setup a mini robot who will be able to survey the various D-I levels
translation files and mail D-I language coordinators when some have
changed and need updates.

Peter (for Slovak) and I (for French) are already receiving the robot
notices. Now, it's time to move forward and add more testers to get
more input and have the script finetuned.

So, for all D-I languages coordinators, if you're interested in
receiving such notices, pelase mail me privately so that I can add you
to the list. There can be more than one address listed, of
course. This address should be an individual address right now (in
case the robot becomes crazy, I don't want it to spam lists).

Please note that this is restricted to the D-I "levels" packages, ie
those listed on the D-I status pages at

The robot uses data from these pages so, of course, if they're wrong
or outdated, the robot will have wrong or outdated information...:)


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