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D-I Manual - Release planned, please update translations

Hello all,

I'd like to upload a new release of the Installation Guide after next 
weekend (22/23 April).

So, please update your translations before then. The only really recent 
change has been the addition of a section in the appendix on preseeding 
and a consistency improvement in the same appendix.

Translations that need updating:
- Brazilian: 35 files needing update
- Catalan: 1 file needing update; 10 untranslated
- Czech: unknown
- Japanese: 1 file needing update
- Spanish: 6 files needing update

- Greek: at 96%
- Korean: at 92%
- Chinese (traditional): at 85%

Translations that are not sufficiently up-to-date may be excluded from 
this release.
The Swedish translation [1] will be included in this release for the first 
time; congratulations to Daniel Nylander.

Languages for which currently no translation is available that would like 
to have a translation ready for Etch should start now. If you don't you 
will probably not make it. Contact me for help/tips on where to start.

Frans Pop

[1] /me notes he's the heaviest poster on the d-l10n-swedish list ;-)

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