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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

On 2006/04/05, at 18:15, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:

JC Helary wrote:
How many non-maintainers are actually official developers ?

There are some. I don't know the numbers.

Considering the huge contribution from translation/documentation groups, if they are under-represented in the developer group it means there is a problem.

My guess is that not enough non-maintainers apply for developership (possibly due to a widespread mistaken belief that the NM process is just for maintainers).

It is not a mistaken belief, it directly comes from:

The NM process cannot induct people who don't apply.

And they won't apply, specifically because in the same document it is written:

Some ways of contributing (translating, writing documentation and reporting bugs) can be done by everyone and don't require developer status.
(besides for the very condescending "can be done by everyone", as if maintaining a package required such very specific skills that "not everyone can acquire"...)

If maintaining _requires_ developer status, then developer status should _not_ be the only status that allows people to participate to the political process.

There is a huge confusion between being a developer and having technical rights, and being a developer and having political rights.

Jean-Christophe Helary

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