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Re: Need more comments to clarify meaning of msgid

> This is what I wanted, those #. comments are enough of extra info to
> get the translation right. I don't need to get extra stuff added to
> PO-syntax.

Feel free to ask for other clarification you might think are needed. 

There are a few limitations at least for po-debconf stuff as, for
instance, we currently cannot comment strings from a template's long
description (but I nagged Denis about this recently)...but we'll try
to do the best for commenting such stuff.

PS: I know that there are requests to do this for dpkg and apt but,
well, this is a really HUGE work...need (wo)manpower here!

> Seems it is well worthwile to ask for what I want. And I did
> not even have to post links to pictures of lesbians.

For those who don't read debian-devel-* lists, this is a reference to
a recent flamewar in the developers lists...:-)...

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