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Need more comments to clarify meaning of msgid


I have problems translating to finnish english texts where it is not
clear what kind of an entity a word refers to. For example:

  Checking component ${SUBST0} on ${SUBST1}...

I have translated this as

  Tarkistetaan osaa ${SUBST0} laitteella ${SUBST1}...

but this is guesswork, I do not know if ${SUBST1} refers to a device
(laitteella), file (tiedostossa), package (paketissa) or something
else. Since finnish does not have words like "on" but uses postfixes,
I gotta have a word to attach that postfix to. I could use


but those postfixes often are different depending on the last letters
of the word.

Could the programmers who internationalize their packages be
encouraged to put comments in the msgid entry to clarify what
kind of object those text macro things may be?

Tapio Lehtonen

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