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Re: Need more comments to clarify meaning of msgid

onsdag 25 januar 2006, 18:59, skrev Joey Hess:
> Tapio Lehtonen wrote:
> >   Checking component ${SUBST0} on ${SUBST1}...
> SUBST0 is a debian archive component (main, etc); SUBST1 is a debian
> mirror.
> Unfortunatly debootstrap doesn't really let us use sane substitution
> variables here.

Agree with Tapio - there is already a mechanism in place to inform the 
translators, it's called comments in the msgid part of the po file. 
I, too, have had to ask for clarification to avoid ambiguous translation, and 
that was into Norwegian, which is practically identical to English, compared 
to Finnish :-) 

debian-installer is already using this much more than e.g. KDE, and I'm 
grateful to those who have provided this guidance. So when you have the time, 
please provide a little bit of information about the SUBST bits - thank you!

Bjørn, who just checked in nb but doesn't dare tackle nn ... 

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