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Re: Need more comments to clarify meaning of msgid

(base-installer strings)

> > Could the programmers who internationalize their packages be
> > encouraged to put comments in the msgid entry to clarify what
> > kind of object those text macro things may be?
> Unfortunately, afaik, the gettext tools are not that smart... Please
> contact the Serbian (KDE) translation team. I know for a fact that
> they were working last summer on a fix for this issue, as they have
> the same kind (or simillar) problems.

Putting comments is doable. Answering to Tapio's concerns is more
tricky because the original string actually assumes that the sentence
has a given structure and this is probably quite tricky to reproduce
for some translators.

And, anyway, some of these strings a rebloody tricky to translate:
this is a quite deep jargon.....good luck to all translators,
including myself.

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