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Re: Attempt to get a simpler setup of console fonts for systems installed by D-I

16 Dec 2005 Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> wrote:

The ka1 vs. ka2 question can be solved by a vote,
but the next request will probably be to sync ghe.

Actually there already was a proposal to change the
ghe. ;-)

Must have been my sixth sense...

However with respect to the letter "ka" the two
alternatives we have to choose from are valid only in
Bulgaria. All Cyrillic users outside of Bulgaria seam
to be striken by the look of "ka" because it is a
novelty that they have never seen. No books, no
magazines, no newspapers.

It may well be that some uses of high-ka exist in these
countries and just go unnoticed, but that's actually
irrelevant. My problem is that the high ka does not
seem to be _widely and easily recognized_. The primary
purpose of ter- is to be easily readable, high-ka fails
on that and must be considered buggy.

The current discussion was (more or less) initiated
by a proposal by Christian Perrier to use the
Terminus font as a standard console font in Debian
for all Latin and Cyrillic languages.  And then came
the objections against the look of "ka".  Here are
some of the messages during the discussion: [...]

Not that convincing, but paraphrasing part of my
previous post, the two most popular styles use low-ka.
Lowering now seems inevitable. It'll be the first patch
after I reorganize the sources a bit to make character
varianths possible and easily maintainable.

16 Dec 2005 Ognyan Kulev <ogi@fmi.uni-sofia.bg> wrote:

Let's cite more precisely: I mentioned PCW-BG and
C++ reference simply because they were on my desk

I agree that I wasn't precise and I'm sorry for that.

Apology accepted - and I must admit that my impression
of the high cyrillic k being a widely accepted and used
form was wrong. You had a point in the first place.

E-gards: Jimmy

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