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(forw) international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

Please read below....

It seems that there can be an opportunity, here, to trigger a kind of
formal meeting of the i18n resources in Debian. It's a long time since
we all work quite well in a quite unformalized manner....but we all
feel that something more is needed to trigger more efficient work.

The Grail of a common interface for i18n/l10n work comes to my mind of
course. So, I'd really like to propose using of these slots to handle
a "Debian i18n team" meeting with the goal of deciding which areas we
need to work on and probably the special goal of achieving that i18n
infrastructure we all know we need.

Who would jump in such boat (which includes physically participating
to such a meeting in Spain)? Given the description of funding by
Andreas, this would be limited to European contributors because
funding for overseas contributors may be a bit more difficult (but not
completely excluded, though!).

I can probably personnally handle the load of setting up a schedule
and serve as a contact for the "Debian i18n group" if such a meeting
is to be handled in March, June or September.
(...as well as negotiating this with my beloved wife, ahem...)

Please raise your hands!

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Subject: international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006
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The good people of one of the larger Debian deployments in the
world (80k+ debian boxes) have generously offered to host a
number of work meetings for debian during 2006.

Please take your time to appreciate that generous gesture and
feel free to send a mail with a "Thank You! You rock!" to Dario
Rapisardi <dario at rapisardi dot org>.

These are the dates that we can have gatherings there:

- January 18-22.
- March 22-26.
- April 19-23.
- June 7-11.
- September 6-10.
- December 13-17.

Please contact me if you have a group active within Debian which
wants to meet and has a distinct goal (and description of it) for
that meeting. Feel free to create a wiki page for that purpose
and be prepared to write a report about the meeting afterwards
like seen for the recent debian-java meeting in Oldenburg.
For questions on how to run such a meeting we should put together
a "best practice" guide. Until that exists please ask someone who
is familiar with this. I can help to make contacts.

The Region of Extremadura will pay both housing, food and
travel for the working people (non-DDs qualify for that, too). We
currently plan for up to 20 europeans with cheap flights or we
need to find additional funding. There is ample space for work.
(If you feel inclined, please consider contributing to
http://wiki.debian.org/FriendsOfDebian as one possible way to a
steady income source.)

There is the option to have several work groups at one gathering,
and you can use the space also for shorter time (e.g. from friday
evening to sunday).

Extremadura is an i18n user, and for that reason would like to
attract and encourage i18n effords within debian by supporting
them. So if your team works in that area you will get priority


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