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Re: (forw) international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

Hi people,

	I'm the contact guy in Extremadura. I'll answer to this below.

El mar, 06-12-2005 a las 18:02 +0100, Christian Perrier escribió:
> Who would jump in such boat (which includes physically participating
> to such a meeting in Spain)? Given the description of funding by
> Andreas, this would be limited to European contributors because
> funding for overseas contributors may be a bit more difficult (but not
> completely excluded, though!).

That's correct. There're preference of european contributors, but this
is just for budget reasons. Worldwide people can come if we handle
things well (for example, a couple less guys in the total number of
people, to afford the more expensive ticket, etc.). We can study each
case if there is a need to.

> I can probably personnally handle the load of setting up a schedule
> and serve as a contact for the "Debian i18n group" if such a meeting
> is to be handled in March, June or September.
> (...as well as negotiating this with my beloved wife, ahem...)

As you might expect, i18n is *very* important for us, so please consider
even more than one meeting, if you think there is a need to.

I'm subscribed to this list also.

Kind regards,

Dario Rapisardi (GNU/Human Unstable)

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