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Re: (forw) international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

Christian Perrier wrote:
 > I can probably personnally handle the load of setting up a schedule
> and serve as a contact for the "Debian i18n group" if such a meeting
> is to be handled in March, June or September.
> (...as well as negotiating this with my beloved wife, ahem...)
> Please raise your hands!

I'd like to participate as well. September is best for me (I have a
break from University).

Some of the other dates seems too close to DebConf (especially April &
June). I think that having some time between the events would result in
better results for our goal.

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> Subject: international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006
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> The good people of one of the larger Debian deployments in the
> world (80k+ debian boxes) have generously offered to host a
> number of work meetings for debian during 2006.
> Please take your time to appreciate that generous gesture and
> feel free to send a mail with a "Thank You! You rock!" to Dario
> Rapisardi <dario at rapisardi dot org>.
> These are the dates that we can have gatherings there:
> - January 18-22.
> - March 22-26.
> - April 19-23.
> - June 7-11.
> - September 6-10.
> - December 13-17.
> Please contact me if you have a group active within Debian which
> wants to meet and has a distinct goal (and description of it) for
> that meeting. Feel free to create a wiki page for that purpose
> and be prepared to write a report about the meeting afterwards
> like seen for the recent debian-java meeting in Oldenburg.
> For questions on how to run such a meeting we should put together
> a "best practice" guide. Until that exists please ask someone who
> is familiar with this. I can help to make contacts.
> The Region of Extremadura will pay both housing, food and
> travel for the working people (non-DDs qualify for that, too). We
> currently plan for up to 20 europeans with cheap flights or we
> need to find additional funding. There is ample space for work.
> (If you feel inclined, please consider contributing to
> http://wiki.debian.org/FriendsOfDebian as one possible way to a
> steady income source.)
> There is the option to have several work groups at one gathering,
> and you can use the space also for shorter time (e.g. from friday
> evening to sunday).
> Extremadura is an i18n user, and for that reason would like to
> attract and encourage i18n effords within debian by supporting
> them. So if your team works in that area you will get priority
> treatment. 
> /andreas
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Lior Kaplan

Debian GNU/Linux unstable (SID)

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