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Re: (forw) international Debian work meetings in Extremadura, Spain, during 2006

Il giorno mar, 06/12/2005 alle 18.02 +0100, Christian Perrier ha
> Please read below....
> It seems that there can be an opportunity, here, to trigger a kind of
> formal meeting of the i18n resources in Debian. It's a long time since
> we all work quite well in a quite unformalized manner....but we all
> feel that something more is needed to trigger more efficient work.
> The Grail of a common interface for i18n/l10n work comes to my mind of
> course. So, I'd really like to propose using of these slots to handle
> a "Debian i18n team" meeting with the goal of deciding which areas we
> need to work on and probably the special goal of achieving that i18n
> infrastructure we all know we need.
> Who would jump in such boat (which includes physically participating
> to such a meeting in Spain)? Given the description of funding by
> Andreas, this would be limited to European contributors because
> funding for overseas contributors may be a bit more difficult (but not
> completely excluded, though!).
> I can probably personnally handle the load of setting up a schedule
> and serve as a contact for the "Debian i18n group" if such a meeting
> is to be handled in March, June or September.
> (...as well as negotiating this with my beloved wife, ahem...)
> Please raise your hands!

My is up but need to confirm becouse I need to negotiate with my wife,

I think june should be the best solution for me.


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