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Re: About pt_BR and pt_PT translations

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On 10/25/2005 10:11 PM, Miguel Figueiredo wrote:
>   Indeed, the pt/pt_PT/pt_BR it's an annoying issue, so as a Portuguese
> user and translator i will share my thoughts and give away my 2
> "cêntimos" on the subject.

	I couldn't resist, in pt_BR it should be "centavos". There is the
"cêntimos" word, but sounds better the other one. :-)

>   Portuguese as spoken/written in Portugal do share some small but
> undeniable differences. Of course I understand (>90%) Portuguese from
> Brazil but to be honest it doesn't sounds correct to me. I believe the
> other way, the feeling it's the same.
>   It's not an historical/colonial/whatever issue.

	Indeed. I have to tell that as we have a social/cultural problem
with lots of people facing a hard time to go to school and considering
that we have lots of social projects using Debian to allow these people
to study and also to get in touch with Information Society, the use of
non-common Brazilian words (used by Portugal, like "ecra") brings one
more step to them.

>   I see having these 2 variations not a loss for the users nor for the
> Debian Project.
>   In my opinion i see that as an quality achievement in the way users
> can get the translation they understand better (or even totally) and
> feel more comfortable.

	That's exactly what I'm trying to show. Thanks to put it in
simple and direct words. :o)

>   pt_BR has a great team and it's in great shape, pt_PT has waaaaaay
> less translations. Congratulations and a big thank you for the pt_BR
> team. On /etc/environment I have LANGUAGE="pt:pt_BR:en_GB:en" (default
> installation?) which provides pt_BR as a callback for missing pt_PT
> translations.

	Thank you. =)

>   Are we doubling the effort needed for translations? Undeniable. Well,
> Yes and No. Yes if translation it's for Portuguese, and No if we are
> talking about pt_PT/pt_BR.
>   Do I regret it? Nope.

	And we can work together. pt team can pull pt_BR translations and
just do a review and vice-versa. We could even write some scripts to try
to get it in an automatic way.

>   To be honest, at this moment, i believe only l10n-Portuguese should be
> splitted.

	As I said before, there is no need to split -users-portuguese and
- -devel-portuguese, it is better to get everybody together. =)

> The Portuguese translators are very lazy and don't contribute often, but
> when/if they contribute the mailing list becomes "tutti-frutti". The
> benefit would be separate, and clear archives.

	Seconded. :-)	

>   ;-)  I hear you talking, but what about wikipedia? They have only
> Portuguese and assume that for both languages! Yes, sure. But if
> possible it would be much better to have all articles translated in both
> variations of Portuguese.

	Seconded (again). ;-)

	Kind regards,

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