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About pt_BR and pt_PT translations

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[ debian-l10n-portuguese cc'ed so people can follow our discussion :D ]
	First the background. :o)

	pt_PT is the Portuguese used in Portugal, pt_BR is the Brazilian
Portuguese used in Brasil. We have several differences in the language
context, specially in the computer area.

 - Debian infrastructure
	pt_PT and pt_BR share different areas of Debian, in some ways it
	is bad for one of the two languages.

	On the maillist area we have:
		* debian-user-portuguese
		* debian-l10n-portuguese
		* debian-devel-portuguese

	More specific on the translation field you will find on
[1]Debian International the link to Debian [2]Portuguese Team, where you
can check that a great part of the team is composed by Brazilians. It
affects directly pt_PT speaker, because the system is not prepared to


	If you check [3]WebSite Statistics page, you'll see that pt_PR
and pt_BR share the same space, which means, that when you click in
"Português" to see the Debian WebSite, there is a *great* chance to see
a Brazilian Portuguese translation.


	[4]PO files and [5]po-debconf have pt_PT and pt_BR splitted,
[6]debconf templates does not show pt_PT. [7]d-i and [8]D-I Manual
also uses pt_PT and pt_BR splitted. [9]Release Notes for Sarge shows
only Brazilian Portuguese . The old DDTP/DDTS also uses pt_BR and


	Using google to search debian.org I found some very
interesting messages on the subject.

pt_BR and pt_PT teams splitted but working together

Debian Doc support to pt_BR and pt_PT

Keep pt_BR and pt_PT splitted

Language aggregation

	A great number of messages and a great number of developers,
translators and contributors believes that pt_BR and pt_PT should be
splitted. That's also my opinion, specially because of the final
user, people that it is not used to computers.

	I don't see a need to split debian-devel-portuguese. I'm
not sure about debian-users-portuguese, but I believe that l10n
should be splitted, which includes the change in the website to
user 'Português Brasileiro' instead of only 'Português'. We don't
need to use "Português Portugal", it is common sense that "Português"
if used to refer to Portugal.

	I would like to know if we can make these changes? In other
words, change the language name in website, adopt the correct code
and split the code where it is necessary.

	There is the case where pt_PT doesn't want to be listed,
so we should use pt_BR and leave pt_PT as an unexistent language
for that context.

	For the maillists I'm not sure, but I believe that developers
and users can work together to help each other. For l10n I believe
that it needs the split because of l10n-bot and future infra-strcuture,
but maybe I"m wrong. =)

	From all mails that I read and considering all opinions, it
is not just the translators/developers/contributors point of view,
we can work together using scripts and pt_BR/pt_PT will collaborate
a lot with each other, but our users should get the right information
in the right way and it includes use the correct language name
system that corresponds with the contents, if you see "Português" it
is the on used in Portugual. :o)

	Thanks in advance,
- --
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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