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Re: About pt_BR and pt_PT translations

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On 10/25/2005 08:29 PM, Marco Ferra wrote:
> Dear translators
> Portuguese is *one* language.  In different parts of Portugal we 
> have different people with different accent speaking Portuguese.
> I'm sure the same thing happens in Brazil and in other Portuguese
> speaking countries.  There are different used words and different
> used meanings. But it's Portuguese.  And I think that we should
> co-exist peacefully.

	There is *no* doubt that Portuguese is *one* language, and
Christian states it clear, there is no different code in ISO 639
for Brazilian Portuguese. Indeed we have cultural differences
inside of Brasil, but there are a lot of differences in the computer
area for pt and pt_BR.

	We co-existe peacefully, we are not fighting, the whole point
is try to give the best for our final users, in other words, give to
them the chance to choose, a lot of areas of Debian already do that,
what I'm trying to propose is that we decide to use it Debian-wide. :)

> About the use of this mailing list in particular, I don't use it, 
> and the translators in Portugal probably don't use it either.  (I
> maintain a page of statistics about the translation process in PT
> so I have a clue).  We don't care.  If translators in Brazil want
> to cooperate, thats fine, but if they don't, thats fine too.  This
> happens vice-versa I think.

	We would like to cooperate. Checking the maillist archives,
there are some ideas to write scripts to do some automatic changes
from pt to pt_BR and vice-versa to reduce the "double work".

> I'm opened to suggestions about this.  Do translators in Brazil are
> organised?  

	Yes we are. Now we are in the process of putting QA in place,
following pseudo-urls system from other l10n teams.

> Do you want us to help each other?  

	I believe that we should do that, even if one of the languages
is more translated than the other, we could just copy the archive and
work on the modficiations/revisions, bugs and patches could "travel"
in both side and in both directions. =)

> Why does this topic keeps poping around every now and then?  

	I'm not sure, I raised the topic because we gotta a small
confusion with the D-I Manual build report, and after that with
the adduser manpage translation.

> Debian has resources to help translators work together and thank 
> you indeed.  More heads think better than one.  But we have
> resources too.

	For sure, but I believe that we should follow the line of
what Miguel Figueiredo [1]proposed on his message in this thread.


> Sincere regards to all translators (in every language) and thanks 
> for the wonderful job and time spent.
> I think this message while arrive off the thread.  For that I'm 
> sorry.
> Marco
> PS:  Oh... and the link:  http://pdeb.berlios.de/

	Thanks to take part on this discussion. =) At least we
could generate historic contents to serve as reference.

	Kind regards,

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