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Re: A few typos in debian-installer (Was: Re: [D-I] Variable subsitution (level2))

> It seems you misunderstood my mail. It was never indented for you Frans
> or Christian Perrier. It was intended for translators of debian
> installer since I know that many read this list.
> I think I will wait a week until I will contact all translators directly which
> did not respond up to this time. Another week later I will commit all
> obvious errors by myself.

I agree with most of this, except the last part..:-)

Not saying that your work is not welcomed, very far from this. You
actually did a very great work on checking translations for "obvious"
errors (I also remind the general campaign to fix obvious errors in
German translations which was a great improvement).

However, translators are very sensitive about other people touching
their work so we have to be incredibly careful when "fixing" their

I consider that, as i18n coordinators for d-i (see d-i i18n
documentation), we (Frans, Davide, Dennis Stampfer and myself) have a
kind of moral contract with translators.

We guarantee that no-one except them and *maybe us* when our Very High
Wisdom (this is a joke...we are not always that wise...) will tell us
to do so, will touch their translations....which is actually what I
did for stuff I was 100% sure of.

So, I would object to a general fix and suggest that you submit a
patch when reaching the moment you describe above.

This patch should really go to the BTS and not here, as suggested by

Sending the initial patch to the list was, imho, a good idea as it
triggered this whole conversation...and will already push some
translators enough to fix their work.

The tools you use seem anyway to be very good at spotting stuff that
might be missed by Davide Viti's spellchecker so I suggest you both
talk together to see what could be done to integrate your scripts to
the spellchecker.

Would this be fine for you, Jens?

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